Professional Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding Cheam

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Affordable Floor Sanding Services in Floor Sanding Cheam
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Experts in Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding Cheam
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Professional Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding Cheam
Using The Latest Technology in Floor Sanding Cheam
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Experts in Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding Cheam
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  assistance available 24/7
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Professional Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding Cheam
Fantastic Floor Sanding Services in Floor Sanding Cheam
Your new wooden floors in Cheam

          There was nothing like the palace known as ‘Nonpareil’ - a most famous building of which so very little remains....

          Did it have wooden floors? We may hope so, for this most practical of surfaces is as fit for a king as for a semi in suburban Cheam.

          Yet they need care and attention... When marks and shabbiness prevail, make amends by calling upon the specialists in wood floor repair and restoration: 

         The Cheam Floor Sanding Services!

Our services embrace the best advice and the complete job. 
Wherever your floor is located: 

           In the home - or a commercial setting such as an office, shop, bar, school, gallery, library, museum or restaurant...
Whatever its type:

           solid/engineered boards or parquet/herringbone blocks.
Whatever its condition:
          from any age or level of damage.

Draw on our twenty years of expertise from restoring hundreds of floors.
We’ll do what your floors require!
         Realign and secure loose boards or blocks
         Replace damaged timber with matching material 
         Fill in the gaps between boards - if you’d like an even look
         Sand away old layers of paint or sealant
         - our cylinder machines create a smooth finish.

       With minimal mess and disruption:
               99% dust free sanding - with dust collected outside each room. 
Clearing your rooms of furniture and disposing of old carpets,
Staining the bare wood for a new look to match your decor. Take the opportunity to freshen up your property - or create the atmosphere you desire.
And finally... that vital protection
       of natural oil, hardwax oil or lacquer.
All completely safe for use around food, children and pets.
And as we use only premium floor products - your new hard-wearing finish will retain its looks for longer.
                 And prove an outstanding investment.
After care:
It pays to keep your beautiful new surface in tip top condition for longer. Our advice is at hand on what you can do to maintain this happy state of affairs.
Call us with confidence:

                 Ask for your FREE assessment today.

The Cheam Floor Sanding Masters

    Nonsuch Palace was Henry the Eighth’s main building project in his last years. On his death in 1547, it was incomplete yet habitable.  

         The Earl of Arundel finished it in 1556 and it was sold to Queen Elizabeth by his son in law Lord Lumley - whose monument of 1609 can be found in the Chapel bearing his name - in 1592.

         She enjoyed staying there but its royal favour declined in the 17th century and it was demolished by 1688.
Nonsuch Mansion has nothing to do with the siting or structure of the palace. This 18th century two storey building was enlarged in 1802-06.
Beautiful picture for floor sanding in Floor Sanding Cheam
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 With over 24 years of floor sanding experience,

we're obligated on making sure that your

wooden floors always get the best

possible restoration service. 
Beautiful picture for floor sanding in Floor Sanding Cheam

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A brief history of parquet

                                                                                Considering parquet flooring? You’re in good company. Parquet                                                                                  has been a tried and trusted flooring solution since the 16th                                                                                        century, when it was first recorded in France.

                                                                               Reportedly, the owners of grand historic mansions were fed up                                                                                    with how difficult their marble floors were to maintain and clean.                                                                                  As condensation built up on the marble, the wooden joists of the                                                                                  floor suffered from rot, and the heavy marble sank and became                                                                                  unstable.

                                                                               Looking for alternatives, wooden floors seemed a sensible                                                                                          choice, but lacked the decorative element which marble brought,                                                                                so flooring technicians of the time started laying the wooden                                                                                        pieces in decorative geometric patterns. Louis XIV, who was the King of France in the 1680s, installed several creative designs at the Palace of Versailles, which were envied and imitated by his visitors for hundreds of years. Rectangular pieces in different sizes could be arranged in a variety of ways, but the herringbone pattern was the most popular choice. Other patterns soon developed, including 'Three Fingers', which uses three narrow rectangles slotted together to make a square. The adjoining squares were rotated 90 degrees, giving a chess board style pattern.

Over time, people got better at looking after their parquet floors. The natural moisture found in wood was discovered to be the culprit for many parquet disasters, and cleaning methods improved, stopping the floors buckling quite so easily.

As with all fashions, parquet lost some popularity in the 1930s, when new flooring 
surfaces like carpet and Lino were the flooring of choice. Nice as they were, their 
generic patterns lacked the charm and history of parquet, and as time has gone on, 
we find ourselves dealing with more and more enquiries from people keen to get a little 
of that Edwardian charm back into their homes.

These days, the rectangular blocks are far more stable than their historic ancestors, 
with many employing a tongue and groove system to click them into position quickly 
and securely. Hardwearing parquet flooring is just as advanced as commercially 
alternative laminate flooring planks, or solid wood floors. The advantage of parquet 
over these long planks of flooring is that the smaller pieces of parquet can be far more 
easily customised to your own design. 

Parquet floors are a lot easier to maintain than you might think. All that historic knowledge, combined with modern techniques like sanding, varnishing, polishing and refinishing of parquet floors, means that your parquet flooring can look as good as new – and be something that King Louis XIV would be seriously envious of! 

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